Car Claims UK

car-accidentDue to the increased purchasing power, the number of cars has also increased. There is a direct consequence of the amount of traffic and accidents should be maintained. But these positive signs for flights from the UK Statistics 2008-9 describe the significant decline observed over the years.

There were approximately 170,591 traffic accidents total, the police in connection with injuries in 2008 shows a decrease of 6 percent over the previous year, 25,462 involved death or serious injury, but describes the retreat from the previous year.

However, although statistics are sky high, a significant reduction in calls for an assessment of government action. The British government began to levy a number of disabled persons and vehicles.

For minor whiplash injuries, offering £ 850 to £ 2,800 compensation. It is necessary to ensure the basic needs of medical incidents. is dependent on the degree of disability, the refund will continue to grow.

Neck pain lasted a year or two, you get £ 2800 £ 5000 for neck pain and frequent or repeated, and the hardness 16000th reached £ 8,700 £ If sore throat is severe and often negative effects on the cervical spine, the government offers compensation of up to £ 95,500 compensation.

The cervical spine injury is different door, which is something like a relatively common injury of the PA as a car accident compensation. You can claim compensation from other activities, drug crime and neck injuries.

For example, if your car is damaged after the repair, the cost of fuel in the secondary activities during a disaster. If you are involved in the incident, the amount may go into the thousands.

Even perverse accidents vacation destination in the UK are already covered by accident compensation.

Traffic accidents claim was published environmental damage to pedestrians and the number of drivers who suffer because of it. Therefore, some argue that they accept the compensation after an accident in the UK each range, location, time and objects involved in the incident.

As a rule, immediately after the incident, the police claimed that the registration of vehicles in a statement. Once the amount of insurance was introduced in the police will have full access to the database and check the status of motor insurance to see the law.

British police can confiscate your car if it is not insurance. You should consult with a lawyer accident of their rights and needs.